The Sitting:

Before you come in to visit me I’d like you to throw out the window everything you think a session should be… because you are not coming in for just a “session” you are coming in for an experience. Unlike a typical chain photography studio, Custom Photography allows me to get to know each of my customers, treating each and every one as a close friend. I get to know your likes and dislikes, your intimate personality, and the small things that bring you joy in life. I believe that our lives and who we become are molded by the simple, everyday occurrences. Often times we only focus on the major milestones, but it is the passing of these seemingly mundane moments that shape these greater life events. I don’t want to just snap a photo and move on. I want to tell stories through my photography that will tug at your heart and soul. My style is simple and fun. I create a personal relationship with each and every customer, not rushing, but connecting and creating something special.