Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I schedule my Maternity Session?

To insure that all my clients receive my full attention, I only book a limited number of sessions each month. So I usually suggest that you call early in your second trimester to schedule your maternity photo shoots. I usually consider 34-38 weeks as the ideal time to have portraits taken. You can show off your beautiful pregnancy belly without worrying about feeling too uncomfortable or tired.

When should I schedule my Newborn Session?

I suggest booking your newborn session when you are roughly 6-7 months pregnant. When you book your newborn session, we will pencil in your due date and not choose an actual date at first for the session. After you have your baby, call and we will set a specific date and time for your newborn session. Newborns should be photographed within the first 10 days of life, with 5-8 days being the magic time. At this age your baby will have that sweet, sleepy, curly demeanor unique to a newborn session. Arrangements can be made to come to your home for a newborn session should you want to rest, have a c-section or just want to keep the baby at home after your delivery.

My baby is older than three weeks, what’s the next best age to document?

Once babies reach about the three-week mark they become far less sleepy and are not as flexible, so we are usually not able to capture the curly, peaceful newborn poses. They are also not as easy to engage as older babies, are not yet smiling, and have very little neck and muscle control. Many parents choose to wait until baby is able to push up on her tummy with a steady head (around 4 months) or until he can sit unassisted (around 6-7 months). At these ages, babies smile more, respond to sounds, have more neck control, and have reached physical milestones more conducive to a portrait session.

When should I schedule my baby, child, or family session?

I tend to book out a couple of months in advance, so it’s best to call 4-8 weeks before your desired session date. That will allow us to find a time when I am available that will best coincide with your family’s own schedule.

How long will my session last?

As long as it needs to! This is the beauty of custom photography. Because I only schedule a limited number of sessions each month, you can be assured that I will be able to devote all the time and energy required to create beautiful, lasting images of your family. Breaks for resting, snacks, and feeding, soothing and changing your baby are all welcome and expected. On average, mini-maternity sessions last about 45-60 minutes, family sessions tend to be about 1-2 hours, and newborn session can take between 2 and 4 hours. Please schedule accordingly.

Where will my session take place?

Your custom portrait session can take place in your own home, at a location meaningful to your family, or at my home-based studio in Glenville, NY. Sessions at your home may require some “redecorating” on my part to find the best lighting and space,(but don’t worry I’ll return everything to its rightful place before I leave) and I usually begin in-home session by asking for a tour of your home.

Outdoor sessions are best in the early morning or in the evening when the light is softer and more flattering. Mid-day sessions are available only at locations with plenty of open shade.

Studio sessions are always available for any sessions. I usually suggest a studio setting for maternity, newborn and baby secession, however secluded outdoor locations may be considered for maternity sessions.

When is my session fee due?

Your non-refundable session fee is due upon booking and must be collected no later than 1 week of your session in order to reserve your session time.

How much should I plan to spend on my portraits?

Custom portraiture is and should be a completely different experience than having pictures taken at a local chain studio. Considerably more time and effort on the part of both the photographer and the client goes into each session and the level of commitment, time and money invested, and planning involved means that a custom portrait session is not something everyone will choose. A minimum purchase of $200 applies to all full sessions. My clients typically plan to invest anywhere from $700 to $2,000 on images and products from their session. Such an investment allows them to enjoy all or most of their session images in a coffee table book or album, as well as to select their favorite images to print for their walls and to gift to family and friends.

What should I do if someone gets sick?

I want you to be fully satisfied with your portrait experience. Illness is not conducive to a successful portrait session. Please notify me right away if someone in your session becomes ill. If cancelled within 24 hours and rescheduled at the time of cancelation, your session fee will be applied to another session date.